Monday, April 2, 2012

KL's Sean leaves rivals trailing

KUALA Lumpur's Sean Wilson was the biggest winner on the second day of the SportExcel Road Cycling National Junior Circuit 1 in Kangar, Perlis yesterday.

The 16-year-old rode solo across the finish line as the girls' under-16 road race field struggled to stay in touch with her pace and finished more than six minutes behind her.
It was also Kuala Lumpur's first victory on the circuit this year, as the Terengganu contingent continued to dominate the boys' races.

Terengganu's Mohd Iskandar Fitri won a bunch sprint to edge teammate Abdul Aziz Zahit in the under-18 boys' road race.

Syazwan Hilmi made sure it was a perfect day for Terengganu when he bagged seven points to win the under-18 boys' criterium ahead of Ipoh Academy rider Irwandie Lakasek.

National back-up trainee Asyraf Naim Ying made it a third victory for Terengganu when he bagged the under-16 boys' road race, beating Tunku Mahkota Ismal Sports School's Ahmad Muazam Iman Mustaffa Kamal and ASZU's Shahrul Afham Rosli in a three-man sprint for the victory.
National junior star Lauretta Eva Adrian won the sprint that ended the girls' under-18 road race ahead of rising Sarawak star Rosnina Minggu, who has certainly made an impression in this year's circuit by holding her own against the more established juniors.

Pahang's Nurul Nadia Mohd Fauzi totally swept aside the field in the under-18 girls' criterium when she bagged a total of 19 points, while Lauretta Eva settled for second with 13 points.

 RESULTS -- Boys' Under-18, 91.3km road race: 
1 Mohd Iskandar Fitri (Ter) 2:17.26s, 
2 Abdul Aziz Zahit (Ter), 
3 Mohd Nasrullah Ismanizam (Ked), 
4 Irwandie Lakasek (Pel-Ipoh), 
5 Mohd Asyraf Anuar (ASZU) all same time; 

26.4km criterium: 
1 Syazwan Hilmi (Ter) 7 points, 
2 Irwandie Lakasek (Pel-Ipoh) 6, 
3 Mohd Fauzan Nor Azman (Per) 6, 
4 Mohd Mustazlee Ishak (TMISS) 5, 
5 Mohd Nasrullah Ismanizam (Ked) 3.

 Under-16, 74km road race: 
1 Asyraf Naim Ying (Ter) 1:56.56s, 
2 Ahmad Muazam Iman Mustaffa Kamal (TMISS), 
3 Shahrul Afham Rosli (ASZU) all same time, 
4 Mohd Amirul Amran (TMISS) 1:58.29s, 
5 Mohd Adil Roslan (Mal) same time; 

26.4km criterium: 
1 Mohd Firdaus Mohd Zonis (Sel) 18 points, 
2 Asyraf Naim Ying (Ter) 12, 
3 Mohd Amirul Amran (TMISS) 7, 
4 Mohd Shamir Adri Mohd Shukri (Mal) 3, 
5 Dhia Danial Mohd Khairi (KL) 2.

Girls' Under-18, 74km road race: 
1 Lauretta Eva Adrian (Sab) 2:25.46s, 
2 Rosnina Minggu (Swk), 
3 Caroline George (Swk), 
4 Nur Farah Ain Amran (Sel), 
5 Nurul Nadia Mohd Fauzi (Pah) all same time; 

26.4km criterium: 
1 Nurul Nadia Mohd Fauzi (Pah) 19 points, 
2 Lauretta Eva Adrian (Sab) 13, 
3 Noor Azian Maslin Sazali (Sab) 9, 
4 Rosnina Minggu (Swk) 3, 
5 Nur Farah Ain Amran (Sel) 2;

 Under-16, 74km road race: 
1 Sean Wilson (KL) 2:25.46s, 
2 Farina Shawati Mohd Adnan (Sel) 2:32.05s, 
3 Nur Jeha Iwani Roslan (Ked), 
4 Siti Zulaikha Hamdan (Joh), 
5 Nurkahirunnisatul Aina Mohd Fadzli (Sel) all same time; 

19.8km criterium: 
1 Farina Shawati Mohd Adnan (Sel) 13 points, 
2 Nuratika Fatiha Abdul Latif (TMISS) 9, 
3 Nur Jeha Iwani Roslan (Ked) 8, 
4 Sean Wilson (KL 3, 
5 Nurkahirunnisatul Aina Mohd Fadzli (Sel) 2. 

By Arnaz M. Khairul

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