Saturday, May 8, 2010

Comment: Quality of commissaires needs improvement

Azizul Hasni dengan trade mark Wheelie beliau sehingga menjulang nama negara Malaysia ke peringkat Dunia. Aksi beliau juga menjadi kebanggaan seluruh dunia dan tiada isu aksi ini di luar negara serta Undang-undang UCI. Aksi ini, telah menjadi bualan dan tanda tanya di manakah fakta wheelie/show-off ini oleh president komisar negara Malaysia. Sehingga kini, soalan ini tidak dapat di jawab oleh pihak yang bertanggungjawab mengenai kesalahan yang di lakukan oleh Hariff Saleh Langkawi Criterium.

Arnaz M. Khairul

WOULD you make an effort to go out and watch a sport, held in scorching heat, merely for its outcome?

Wouldn't you rather watch cyclists going all out, using every trick in the book to win races, entertaining you with daredevil feats in the process?

Kelihatan pelumba negara Malaysia Hariff Saleh dan pelumba Navy Zamri Saleh semasa Langkawi Criterium baru-baru ini. Aksinya, mendapat bantahan oleh pihak komisar yang bertugas ketika itu.

Well, national cyclist Harrif Salleh almost ended up losing his spot on the podium in the Langkawi Criterium last Sunday for what seemed a harmless wheelie (raising of the front wheel) as he sprinted side-by-side with elder brother Zamri on the fourth intermediate sprint of that race.

Harrif took the top points in that sprint, but learned during the race that he had been relegated for dangerous conduct by the panel of commissaires.

That disrupted 22-year-old Harrif's momentum and he rode a fairly docile completion of the 80km race. Protests led to delayed results at the end of the race but eventually the points were reinstated.

This is the latest example of Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) commissaires having a say in the outcome of a race.

We've seen in local races riders being penalised and stripped of victories for raising their arms they crossed the finish line.

We've seen a more blatant display of what some alleged as strategic penalisation, by the same commissaire who officiated the Langkawi Criterium in last year's Jelajah Malaysia when LeTua Cycling Team's Samai Amari was relegated after winning an intermediate sprint, supposedly for dangerous sprinting.

The main beneficiary of that penalisation would have been Anuar Manan, who would have had his points classification lead under severe threat by Samai had the result stood.

Anuar Manan(kanan sekali) bersaing semasa melakukan Intermediate Sprint. Kelihatan tayar beliau sedikit terangkat dan juga pesaing beliau dengan kelihatan "wheelie" atau "show-off".

The commissaire who judged that sprint was adamant that Samai had caused danger. The LeTua team were asked to produce video evidence to back their claims that Samai had done no wrong.

Their stars were shining when some members of the electronic media who shot the sprint provided footage that showed Samai clearly sprinting on the outside without any danger to five other riders contesting the sprint.

But video evidence or anything as substantial is often unavailable for local cycling teams.

Harrif's innocence in his bit of showmanship was simply backed by questions of whether there was any article of the International Cycling Union (UCI) regulations that stated wheelies were illegal.

Luckily for Harrif, there was no specific article that states so.

Commissaires often go unchallenged in determining the finalised result of a race, which is now in question.

This has, indirectly had an effect on the psyche of cyclists coming through the development ranks. Most of those in the senior ranks, merely accept decisions, stating that they cannot challenge decisions by the panel of commissaires.

But when there are too many instances of these sorts of decisions, which affect the outcome of a race, we should be questioning the MNCF's level of education and training of the commissaires licensed by them.

Kami memerlukan fakta yang tepat untuk di apply kepada generasi yang akan datang bagi kesalahan/kebenaran yang di benarkan oleh undang-undang UCI.

It has an effect on the morale of young cyclists and builds into them a needless fear of authority. They fear using all the tricks in the book to go all out for victory, because they are uncertain whether they would be penalised for it.

The time has come for the MNCF technical and competitions committee to have a rethink of their commissaire courses, because the number of erratic judgements, be it on purpose or not, is alarming.

It has come to a rate where cyclists fear becoming riders who excite spectators simply because they fear, such as in the case of Harrif, punishment for what certain commissaires regard as showmanship.

Showmanship is not wrong under any regulations, unless the MNCF itself decides so. That decision, given the rate of spectator support for local races, would be uncalled for.

But if the commissaires are so adamant on making safe races, they should also not contradict the concept of their judgements by allowing organisers, such as the case of Langkawi Criterium, to do without safety barricades at start and finish areas.

That compromises their position as officials who bide by the regulations. Because safety barricades are stipulated as a must under UCI regulations.

So, we're left with a situiation where there are riders who break rules that aren't in the book and officials who fail to run races by the book.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kita salah seorang penumpang kejayaan Wira Negara harus berterima kasih dan bersyukur.

1. Berterima kasihlah anda kepada mereka di dalam klip video ini. Sedar anda salah seorang yang menumpang kejayaan mereka hingga ke hari ini. Berbasikal melonjak dengan tiba-tiba tanpa di duga, sebaris sukan Badminton dan Squash.

2. Yang baru berjinak dalam sukan berbasikal gunalah kesempatan yang ada. Kejayaan ini di hasilkan turun temurun yang tidak henti-henti sejak 1950-60an berjuang untuk mengharumkan nama Negara Malaysia.

3. Kita jangan sesekali melukai mereka ini keranapengorbanan mereka tidak ternilai berbanding wang ringgit. Mereka berhempas pulas dengan berbagai halangan cabaran demi mengejar kejayaan.

4. Mereka telah menghabiskan zaman remaja mereka yang anda sendiri tidak mampu melakukan kerana mereka ini adalah LUAR BIASA. Sebab itu mereka perlu di hargai bukan sewenangnya di kecam dengan satu kesalahan dan membunuh kerier serta masa depan mereka yang mereka sendiri tidak tahu apa yang akan berlaku.

5. Merekalah pemandu kemuncak kejayaan Berbasikal Negara. Bersyukurlah.

6. Wira Negara, teruskan berjuang walau apa pun halangan yang mendatang. Siapalah anda jika tiada mereka ini (Pelumba).

7. Penyampaian ini mungkin tidak sampai di dalam hati anda kerana anda tidak begitu tekun mendalami isi hati mereka.

8. Coretan ini adalah untuk kita berkongsi bersama agar bersama-sama bekerjasama membentuk generasi yang berstatus dunia seperti negara maju yang lain.

9. Bantu mereka dengan informasi terkini dan bukan dengan sebarang pembawaan agenda diri sendiri yang mereka di abaikan setelah tenaga yang di curahkan kehabisan. bantulah mereka.

10. Kekuatan dan kejayaan ini akan lebih kekal jika semua pihak saling bantu membantu dan berubah dan ingin berubah.

Terima Kasih Wira Malaysia.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


What makes a good official?

A cross section of officials has come up with the following list of the characteristics of a good official.

· A love and a feeling for the sport-
[kalo kita nya tak pernah kayuh tapi nak lorat].

· A thorough knowledge of the rules of the sport-
[Semua main sebut UCI tapi tidak ada dalam handbook pun]

· Firmness, fairness and consistency of decision made-
[berat sebelah]

· An ability to communicate with the athletes-one communication
[Mana ada cakap nak bincang..tau tau fine!]

· The courage to believe in the decisions that have been made-
[oh takpe kita tukar...]

· The concentration to remain alert during the whole event -
[tengah time keeping main sms]

· The motivation to perform the role well.-
[jom balik awal]

Other prerequisites not often listed include:-

* A sense of humour, thick skin and 60/60 vision -
[Kena serious, Tak boleh lawak]

* The capacity not to criticise but to be criticised -
[Tidak boleh kritik, Semua orang salah]

* An understanding that you are never right-
[ Mereka sahaja yang betul]

Monday, May 3, 2010

Regulations by UCI 2010

The vehicles

1. In the race, the vehicles shall take up position behind the car of the president of the commissaires panel or of the commissaire delegated by him.

2. Occupants of vehicles shall, in all circumstances, comply with the instructions given by the commissaires who shall, in turn, do their utmost to facilitate the manoeuvres of the vehicles


1. In events or stages over a distance not exceeding 150 km, it is recommended that riders be supplied
with refreshments only from the team car.

2. The refreshments may be provided either in bonkbags
or flasks.

3. Riders shall move slowly up level with their team manager's car and he shall supply them from the vehicle.

4. Food and drink shall be provided exclusively behind the commissaire's car and in no case in or behind the bunch.

5. If a group of 15 riders or less has broken away from the bunch, food and drink may be supplied at the rear of that group.(text modified on 1.01.05).


1. Riders shall be strictly forbidden to deviate from the lane they selected when launching into the sprint and, in so doing, endangering others.
(text modified on 1.01.05).


1. If a rider is disqualified before the result of the race is sanctioned, the individual classification and, where applicable, the team classification shall be adjusted.

2. If a rider is disqualified after the result of the race has been sanctioned, the individual classification shall be adjusted, if applicable, for the first 20 places only. For the rest the place of the disqualified rider shall be left open.

3. If applicable, the team classification shall be adjusted completely.
(article introduced on 1.01.05).

Walker kesal tindakan komisar kejohanan

William Walker (Rabobank) takes a turn at the front.
Photo: © Roberto Bettini


JURULATIH kebangsaan, William Walker melenting dengan tindakan komisar kejohanan membatalkan kemenangan Mohd Harrif Salleh di salah satu zon pecutan kerana mendakwa pelumba negara itu melakukan 'wheelie' (mengangkat tayar depan) ketika melintasi garisan penamat.

“Memang tidak masuk akal,” kata Walker yang turut disokong juara keseluruhan JM 2010, David McCann dari Giant Asia Racing Team dan jurulatih Wilayah Persekutuan, Musairi Musa ketika membantah keputusan komisar selepas tamat perlumbaan Kriterium Langkawi, semalam.

“Anda (komisar) hanya membunuh semangat pelumba negara kerana perkara kecil seperti itu. Saya tidak nampak ada masalah apabila tayar depannya terangkat ketika melintasi garisan penamat, malah perkara itu biasa terjadi di perlumbaan-perlumbaan lebih besar di Eropah,” katanya.

Bagaimanapun selepas perbincangan panjang lebar dan campur tangan pegawai Persekutuan Kebangsaan Berbasikal Malaysia (MNCF) termasuk Presidennya, Abu Samah Abdul Waham dan Timbalan Presiden, Datuk Naim Mohamad, akhirnya lima mata dikembalikan kepada Mohd Harrif.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

UCI dan Masa Kini

Selain berbasikal Cyclist dan Coach perlu handal dalam BIDANG UNDANG-UNDANG BERBASIKAL UCI agar tidak melakukan kesalahan yang tidak di jangka seperti Langkawi Criterium (Harrif Salleh from Malaysia Team).

Terima Kasih Komisar yang bertugas pada J1Malaysia dan L-Criterium 2010.